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Gabe. Male. 19 years old. FIlm enthusiast. Pop culture database. I'm also a man who tries to be witty and worries more than anyone else you know. Probably. That's not a statistical fact or anything.

I am the son of Abed Nadir and Annie Edison. Man of faith, morals and lists. Man of many laughs. I guess I just like liking things. That includes shallow-but-kind-of-thoughtful crap like Big Brother and football.

This blog was built to disappoint and captivate you.

I think its what you do believe thats carrying you off, not what you don’t. 

Nina Dobrev Esquire 2012

Nina Dobrev
Esquire 2012

This truck is my only chance to grow this into something big. So we can move out of here and get you in a better school

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